MSBuild Project Files

posted by alberto

Most of the time that an application is obfuscated with Babel, it is not necessary to add additional parameters at the command line.

Just enter the path of the target assembly and Babel will do the rest:

  babel.exe <myassembly>

But sometimes you need to try different configurations and insert many parameters before getting the desired result.

With release 4.2 we added two new command line options --makeproject <projectfile> and --project <projectfile> that allows you to save and load an MSBuild project file.

The --makeproject option allows you to save in a project file all obfuscation parameters:

  babel.exe <myassembly> --makeproject  <projectfile> --xaml keys=off --string hash --controlflow case=off
  --keyfile keys.snk

This file can be modified and used to perform a new obfuscation using MSBuild.

If you want to use MSBuild, just enter the name of project file as follow:

  msbuild.exe <projectfile>

If you want to use Babel, enter the following at the command line:

  babel.exe --project <projectfile>

The XML Babel task element inside the project file can also be inserted within a Visual Studio project to get the obfuscation running during the build process.

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