Babel Obfuscator Released

posted by alberto
Dear All,

Today we have released Babel Obfuscator This new release includes a new licensing library (Babel Licensing) that will allow you to generate feature based license files. With Babel Licensing you can make trial licenses, hardware locked licenses, domain restricted licenses and feature based licenses. Babel Licensing is available to all subscribers of a Company license. You can read more in the Babel Licensing User's Guide.

What’s new in

  • New Babel Licensing, which allows to generate XML feature based licenses
  • New Obfuscation Rule Editor
  • New NAnt build task
  • Added new agent task to support DLR
  • Added Sort Dependencies user interface command to automatically detect the correct order in which to process the various assemblies in a project
  • Support Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1
  • General bug fixes
Enjoy this new release.