Babel Obfuscator Is Coming Soon

posted by admin
Hi all,

Babel Obfuscator is close to be released. 
In this release we have added a new optimization: disgregation removal, that will allow to reduce the number of properties and events defined. This optimization combined with renaming will also increase the obfuscation making more difficult to reconstruct the original meaning of the code. 

The elimination of dead code has been completely rewritten with a significant improvement on the number of types that is now possible to remove.
A new set of filters has been added to XML rules adding the possibility to match types based on their hierarchical structure, and methods that
implements or override some other method.

We have also improved the user interface extending the obfuscation rule editor with the possibility to copy and paste rules between different
members and adding search capabilities to the object browser.

There are also other important fixes we have made to renaming and merge algorithm based on the feedback we have received from our users.

Babel Obfuscator will be available next week to all registered users. Unregistered users can download the demo version at

If you have any question between now and the official release feel free to write me at
I'll be more than happy to respond.