Babel Obfuscator Released

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Merry Christmas to all,

Today we have released a new version of Babel Obfuscator with some important fixes regarding renaming of virtual functions.
We have also made some minor fixes to the user interface and to Babel Licensing library.

See what’s new in

Babel Obfuscator

  • Improved support for Mixed Code Assemblies (C++/CLI)
  • Fixed: creation and last modified date time in XML map files
  • Fixed: renaming of virtuals
  • Fixed: dead code removal for mixed mode assemblies
  • Fixed: GUI toolbar and trackbar issues

Babel Licensing

  • Fixed: IdGenerator issues
  • Fixed: XmlLicenseBuilder RemoveLicense cannot remove license
  • Fixed: lic.exe cannot validate string license file when the string format is not specified

If you are a registered user with an active subscription you should have already received an updated license.
If your subscription is expired you can renew it at:

For any question regarding your license feel free to email us at:

Thank you and best wishes.