Babel Obfuscator Released

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Hi All,

Babel Obfuscator has been released.

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This release includes the new Babel Licensing library version 2.0. This library has undergone substantial changes and various improvements.
We extended licensing support to the mobile platforms of Windows and Xamarin Android/iOS and added new fluent API interface that will allow you to create licenses with few lines of code.

Babel Obfuscator

  • Supports Visual Studio 2015 RC
  • Added automatic handling of XML documentation files
  • Improved code encryption and the speed of execution of encrypted code
  • System.Reflection.ObfuscationAttribute now accept extended syntax to set feature properties ex:
    [Obfuscation(Feature="renaming:Internalize=true" Exclude=false)]
  • General Bug Fixes.

Babel Licensing

  • Added support for Windows Phone and Windows Runtime
  • Added support for Xamarin Android
  • Added support for Xamarin iOS (Sperimental)
  • Added library CHM help manual
  • Added RSA Signature for XML and Serial licenses
  • Fluent API to generate XML and String licenses
  • It is now possible to set the key size for digital signature algorithm
  • Added XML license custom restrictions
  • Customize licensing services
  • Unique component Babel.Licensing.dll to generate and validate licenses.
    (The support for the old Babel.Licensing.Tool.dll component used to generate licenses has been discontinued)
  • XML licenses can have a single digital signature
  • In FileLicenseProvider it is possible to set the name of an environment variable used to store the license file path
  • Lic.exe: The --sign option in can accept the name of the sign algorithm
  • Lic.exe: Added --keygen option to generate key pairs and store them in a .PEM file
  • Lic.exe: The --keyfile option supports .PEM file format

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