Babel Obfuscator Released

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Hi All,

We are proud to announce that today Babel Obfuscator has been released.

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Numerous bug fixes have been made in various fields from mixed mode assemblies to XAML obfuscation. Improvements have been made that affect the stability of the obfuscated code. Also it has been improved support for Mac OSX.


Added obfuscation of Android APK Packages
Improved WPF obfuscation
Improved Obfuscation of Mixed Mode Assemblies


Fixed: Application crash when using control flow obfuscation call algorithm
Fixed: Mixed mode assemblies application crashes after obfuscation.
       Peverify [MD]: Error: Field is marked HasRVA but has no RVA record. 
Fixed: Dead code removal some rare peverify errors
Fixed: On MAC OS command line processor cannot recognize assembly full path
Fixed: During merge babel can crash with the following exception: Stream is not a valid resource file
Fixed: Cross assembly obfuscation cannot resolve assemblies inside an APPX package
Fixed: Android obfuscated apps crash when string encryption hash algorithm is enabled
Fixed GUI: The rules generated within the project file for a given assembly are addressed by the assembly name instead of the full assembly name

APK Obfuscation

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