Babel Obfuscator Released

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Hi all,

Today we have released Babel Obfuscator and Babel Licensing

In this new version of Babel Obfuscator we have added a new plugin that will allow you to perform incremental renaming.
We have also extended the Babel Obfuscator API with types used to parse and query XML mapping files.

You can download the new Babel Obfuscator plugin at GitHub:

Babel Licensing has undergone a lot of improvements and changes. We have aligned the support to all platforms, included Xamarin and NET Core.The dependency from System.ComponentModel namespace has been removed from core classes, which result in a better obfuscation of all licensing related types. We have added custom signatures so you can sign your XML and string licenses with whatever hash algorithm you decide to use.

There is a new NuGet package available at:

This package contains a demo of our licensing components. The NuGet package with fully functional components is available with the purchase of a Company license.
The API documentation for Babel Licensing is now available online at the following address:

If you have any question or comment feel free to write at

Thank you.