Licensing System for .NET Application and Components

Babel Licensing is licensing system that allows to license .NET Framework applications and components. It uses asymmetric cryptographic algorithms which means that is not possible to reverse engineer license keys to make a key generator. Furthermore, it integrates with Babel Obfuscator to provide top obfuscation and protection features.

General Features

Licensing Features

How It Works

Babel Licensing can be easily integrated into your application with few lines of code:

licensing code

Our licensing code will take care to find the license, verify that the license has not been tampered with and that all the usage restrictions are met.

License Restrictions

With Babel Licensing you can create different license usage restrictions. This allow you to create trial licenses or hardware locked licenses, choosing from many options. Please take a look at all the licensing restrictions available:

Common Restrictions



Restricts the license to a specific set of types or namespace.



Set a time limit for the beta period.



Binds the license to a specific assembly version.

Trial Restrictions

expire date

Expire Date

Limits the use of the application until a defined date.

trial days

Trial Days

Sets the number of days that an application can run before the license expires.

run instances

Run Instances

Restrict the number of application instances that can run simultaneously on a machine.

usage time

Usage Time

Allow the application to run for a defined time period.

Hardware Restrictions

computer name

Computer Name

Binds the application to a specific computer name.

cpu id


Restricts the software to the installed CPU identifier.

ethernet card

Ethernet Card

Check the Ethernet card MAC address.

hard disk

Hard Disk

Ties the application to the hard disk serial number.



Restricts the usage to a specific BIOS.



Ties the application to the current machine motherboard.

Usage Restrictions

virtual machine

Virtual Machine

Whether to prevent the execution on a virtual machine.

design time

Design Time

Restricts the usage of an assembly in the Visual Studio designer.

run time

Run Time

Prevents the usage of an assembly in the designer.

Domain Restrictions

domain name

Domain Name

Limit the usage of the software to a specific domain name.