Babel Obfuscator Release Notes



  • Added support for .appx packages
  • Added support for .winmd assemblies


  • Added END User License Agreement to setup files
  • NGen will be launched at the end of the setup process for all the installed assemblies

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Error 'Cannot resolve type: System.DateTime' when using trial licenses
  • Fixed: Error 'Could not find file:...' when obfuscating Silverlight XAP packages and MAP files generation is enabled
  • Fixed: Stack decoder Error: The value of the 'version' attribute does not equal its fixed value. at (7,11)
  • Fixed: peverify.exe [MD]: Error: Method marked Abstract, Runtime, InternalCall or Imported must have zero RVA, and vice versa.
  • Fixed: MSIL Encryption adds a reference to mscolrib 2.0 in some cases
  • Fixed: Error babel.exe may throw StackOverflowException when creating dynamic proxy calls
  • Fixed: (User Interface) Control Flow Iteration is not updated in all projects when Propagate Changes is enabled