Babel Obfuscator Release Notes



  • Added obfuscation of XAML files in appx packages.
  • Improved support for WinMD metadata format.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Obfuscated application crash at startup when using Resource Encryption
  • Fixed: Variuos XML rules issues.
  • Fixed: Renaming of localized resources in Winform applications.
  • Fixed: Babel crash on control flow obfuscation with the following exception: Error generating the flow graph for method:... Inner exception: Stack empty.
  • Fixed: Babel raise the warning [W00002]: Cannot parse XAML resource stream '....xaml': Root element is missing... for well formated XAML documents.
  • Fixed: Duplicated embedded resources are not handled in the merge process
  • Fixed: Serializable types are internalized during merge
  • Fixed: Enum type removal should not remove serializable enum types
  • Fixed: Crash of obfuscated .winmd components when using control flow obfuscation calls.