Babel Obfuscator Release Notes



  • Added new --disgregateremoval optimization for removal of properties and events metadata
  • Added new HasBase and Implements filters to XML rules
  • Added deobfuscated stack trace information for methods generated by Babel during obfuscation
  • Added CopyAttributes and NoCopyAttributes properties to merge feature
  • Added resource encryption and compression options
  • GUI: Added the ability to search a symbol by name in the object browser
  • GUI: Added notification for changes made to the project in an external program
  • GUI: Added Cut Rules, Copy Rules & Paste Rules commands
  • Improved merge algorithm
  • Improved dead code removal


  • XML Rules: If there are several matching rules for a given symbol/feature combination in a rule document, the last rule in the document order is applied
  • Dead core removal: It is possible to force removal of any symbol using obfuscation rules 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: babel stops with error: An error occurred during phase 'Emit': Value does not fall within the expected range For XAP files that does not have the attribute EntryPointType set in the AppManifest.xaml.
  • Fixed: babel stops with error: Cannot resolve type: <full type name> in some special case when using dead code removal
  • Fixed: babel stops with error: An error occurred during phase 'Merge': An item with the same key has already been added
  • Fixed: Obfuscation rules and attributes not honored for virtual members.
  • Fixed: Sometimes applications obfuscated with resource encryption enabled, crashes with an unhandled exception of type System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException
  • Fixed: When using MSBuild on Babel solution, the ItemGroup of the projects defined after the first project have all the elements defined in the previous projects
  • Fixed: Enum type removal
  • Fixed: Renaming of virtual functions declared in referenced interface
  • Fixed GUI: The rules with targetAssembly attribute not set, are not shown in the editor