Babel Obfuscator Release Notes



  • Added support for Xamarin and MonoGame
  • Added --moduleinitialize to force module initialization of external assemblies when they are load by reflection
  • Improved encrypted code speed


  • babel.exe --project option can be used to load obfuscation settings only without specify a target assembly

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Memory consumption when obfuscating XAP packages
  • Fixed: Dynamic agent task does not catch all dynamic methods
  • Fixed: Experimental dead code removal remove protected methods
  • Fixed: MSBuild error MSB4094 XML rule Pattern element content is not wrapped into CData section when the expression contains invalid characters
  • Fixed: The –(lo)gfile option alias has a conflict with --logo option
  • Fixed GUI: Paste Rules does not update rule Pattern
  • Fixed GUI: duplicate rules on assembly node