Babel Obfuscator Release Notes


Babel Obfuscator


  • Added support for .NET Portable assemblies
  • Added --version to display information about the version of babel.exe
  • Improved support for Mono Xamarin
  • Made some minor improvements to the user interface


  • Added a warning when there are map files for assembly with full name mismatch
  • Changed logs to display the member signature format compatible with pattern expression used in XML rules
  • Methods parameters and return types in regular expression must be fully qualified
  • Changed pattern expression generated by user interface

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: babel.exe stops during code removal with message:
    • An error occurred during phase 'Code Removal': Unable to cast object of type '?' to type '?'.
  • Fixed: Rules statistics show always applyToMembers set to false
  • Fixed: The CopyAttributes property defined in merge rules is not used
  • Fixed: Not all virtual function defined internally are renamed

Babel Licensing

Licensing components for .NET Framework and Silverlight


  • New Serial Licenses
  • New Encoded String Licenses
  • New Licensing SDK
  • Supports Silverlight 5 
  • Supports C# and VB Languages 
  • New Licensing Sample Projects
  • File and Windows Registry Licenses