Babel Obfuscator Release Notes


Babel Obfuscator


  • Added --stacktrace mode=compact to get a simplified stack trace frame
  • Added editor for plugin arguments
  • Babel Encrypt plugin


  • Improved experimental control flow obfuscation (--use experimental=true)
  • Extended plugin interface to allow plugin to use some obfuscation capabilities

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: In some scenario, renaming could cause the application to crash with method NotImplementedException
  • Fix: Stack decoder cannot decode properly method without ref parameters.
  • Fix: Satellite assemblies are not resigned if they are not signed during the build.
  • Fix: Fixed Code Encryption. Encrypted code could crash with an unhandled exception of type InvalidOperationException: type on method violates the constraint of type ...
  • Fix: Wrong generation of custom attributes with constructor argument of type System.Type

Babel Licensing


  • Improved support for .NET Core 2.1