Luke's software

I have prepared a list of the most important programs prepared by Ɓukasz. The software consists of: a system for collecting and organizing documents, a program that allows you to export an icon file from an executable file, a system that checks if links to your website are available on the website where you have posted them, a generator of difficult to guess passwords, software for creating texts for search engines and other available at the address: phpBlueDragon

Document system

Document system

Software for collecting documents and giving them summaries. When you work in the office, you will not have a small collection of documents or you will want to scan documents in some logical way DMS software is an ideal solution to problems.
Documents can be arranged in cases where you can add subcategories where there is space for your documents. Thanks to this stacking you will immediately know where the document you are looking for is located. This is a much better way to find out what it contained than to search dozens of files on the shelves to find what it contained. Additionally, these documents can be signed with a certificate, so you can be sure that they were created in the program by the appropriate people.
There are different versions of the program. The first one that can be installed on your computer, which you will be able to run through the Start menu. The second option is the so-called portable option. Thanks to it you can, for example, create your own set of documents on an encrypted disk thanks to VirtualCrypt or any other technology.
The software is small and does not require huge frame resources. Gives you the ability to preview disk elements after deleting.

PHP editor

PHP editor

Editor is very fast and light for the computer editor allowing you to make changes to files used to present content on the Internet. It allows you to create, among others, PHP, HTML, X-HTML, XML, CSS, JS and various types of text files.
I'm a JavaScript programmer and I missed a tool for my specific needs when editing files, such as add-ons library, various kinds of wizard. These tools are available in various types of programs, where you can freely use them, but there is no program that would have all the most useful functions.
The editor will soon be enriched with the functionality of the FTP manager, it will be possible not only to change files on the server, but also to upload entire folders with content, which, with ordinary trees available in the current software, does not allow for accurate viewing of files.
In addition, a web browser built into the editor, allowing you to use your own scripts or ready-made pages without the need to remember access passwords. You will be able to declare your data in a special program that allows you to automatically fill in forms.
Added coloring of all HTML tags and all options used when editing style files.
The editor highlights the whole syntax not only of the JS language but also of the increasingly popular JS.
mapping. The current encoding is utf8 in the editor you will find in the main menu a selection option that allows you to change the encoding of the file to ASCII.
Thanks to the Gong-Shell plug-in, there is now a disk component explorer available in the software. It is located both in the panel on the left side and can be opened in the main tab.
All PHP coders certainly had to do with the phpMyAdmin tool - it is also inside the editor. You can declare your login and password, and then with one click log in to the program managing the database.
The software is equipped with all unique classes and functions in the CodeIgniter framework. It can create a model, view and controller.
All files can be exported to different formats such as: HTML, RTF or XHTML so that you can create your software in a version for people who don't have an editor designed for programming elements, or you just want the syntax highlighting to be preserved when you place files on the web server.
Printing a file will not be difficult due to the print preview, where you can adjust the amount of text on one page and its size and location.
You can freely set the bookmarks in the program in a place that you want not to forget, so that later he does not have to search, but immediately after clicking on the button in the menu to go to it.
The software has been enriched with automatic code scrolling, thanks to which you will be able to limit the number of code on the screen. Wrapping works for classes inside the code as well as for methods located in these objects. It doesn't matter if these functions belong to PHP or were created by you.
In the case of the editor, we can set several dozen encoding languages of our program, starting with C through CSS, and ending with XML. If necessary, also select no syntax backlighting. Thanks to the editor and regular expressions, you can freely change the highlighting of fragments.

Email File Extractor

Email File Extractor

The software allows you to export from any file or from character string of email addresses. We need to select the file and then click on the export button. In order to counteract this, it is necessary to select a control that removes duplicates. A very helpful tool to retrieve all email addresses from our mailbox, just select the file that is responsible for storing sent emails.

Position of the website in the search engine

Search Engine Position

The program is designed to prepare reports and check the current position of the website in Google search engine after typing the appropriate phrases. Just add the url of your website, type in the search words and add the corresponding tasks for automatic execution. The software will automatically perform a search, which will allow you to find out where our website is located in the search results.
The software is particularly useful when ordering the positioning of our website. It is possible to analyze the results of the work done by the company that was commissioned to improve the visibility of the website in the search engine.
No need to interfere with the system, so that everyone will be able to operate it. The whole operation of the program is executed spontaneously on the WWW server.
With the addition of intermediary servers you will be able to get rid of allocating the IP address of the server, which can make a lot of problems both to us and the company in which we have purchased an account intended for hosting.
You can not only add a single word to check, but also enter the whole phrase. It will be properly implemented by the program.
You don't need to perform tasks to get someone from the company to click on the link every few hours. All things are realized by the CRON program on the server.
You can define as many projects as you want, the program has no blockade as to their number. Thanks to this, the results will be executed in principle without limitations.
The lack of an indicated limitation in the number of words and phrases under which the site is to be searched, gives huge possibilities to adjust the results.
By defining the appropriate number of proxy servers, your server will not be on the list of blocked identification addresses by the search engine.
Checking the results of the search is done for a period of 6 months. So you can go back in time and analyze the results for your site.

Testing links system

link check system

Software designed for tracking links to your websites. You probably know how important links from other websites to yours are nowadays. It is mainly thanks to them and properly selected and edited content that the website rises in search engine results.
The system allows you to add links to your website and forget to check every few days if they exist at all. You receive an e-mail sent from the software and you don't have to worry about anything. You no longer have to spend days checking a task that can be created automatically.
Maybe you are a website positioning company and you would like someone to do it for you in a constant browsing, you would like someone else to do it for you.
This system is precisely for such people. It saves time and money on your account. Instead of checking you have time to expand your company, and all the results are sent to your e-mail address.
You pay only once for the software and you can use it until resistance, instead of making a monthly payment to the company.
The system will do it for you, you don't have to try. In just a few steps and you will receive a full report every day to your e-mail address.
The number of pages is unlimited, you can add as many pages as you want. Thanks to the projects your portals and reports will be grouped.
Adding more links is time-consuming. Therefore, the program can import them from a TXT file. One click and all links are added to the table.
On your own you can choose the number of days every which system will automatically check if the given links exist on the websites. Fill in one form and you can forget about it.
By providing a view in a layer and classroom vapors will be visible on any hardware connected to the Internet.
You can check at any time what the results looked like at any time thanks to the collection, which additionally gives you the ability to sort the results.

Generation of passwords - wholesale

Wholesale password generation

Software allowing you to generate collections of hard to guess passwords, which will not be words, but a resource of characters. Thanks to the use of character strings generated by the program, burglary using Brute Force methods will be extremely difficult. When generating a password, the program uses the following settings: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, minus and underscore, space and special characters. When you create, you can also select the length of the password and specify the number of passwords. Remember not to use your only password for all your email accounts.

The ideal text for the search engine

ideal text for the search engine

Generating texts for websites may cause us problems if we want to create thematic texts. How many times you can repeat writing on the same subject. This tool makes it easy to create texts that are similar, but not the same. This will result in Google not considering the text to be a copy of the content of another website and will give it a smaller number of points. Fragments of such texts will vary depending on what we declare in brackets. It is possible to specify any resource of combinations and meanings, from which only one of the following will be drawn:
Example fragment:
"The software is designed to compile reports and to check the current position of the website in the Google search engine by typing in the relevant search words. Just add the address of your website, enter the keywords and add the tasks to CRON. The software will automatically make a search, through which you will be able to find out on which position our website is in search results."
After entering the text into the software and generating the result:
"The software is designed to compile reports and to check the current position of the website in the Google search engine by typing in the relevant search words. Just add the address of your website, enter the keywords and add the tasks to CRON. The software will automatically make a search, through which you will be able to find out on which position our website is in search results."
After the next generation of text:
"The software is designed to compile reports and to check the current position of the website in the Google search engine by typing in the relevant search words. Just add the address of your website, enter the keywords and add the tasks to CRON. The software will automatically make a search, through which you will be able to find out on which position our website is in search results."
Thanks to this it is possible to use the generator as many times as we want. The fragment during generation will differ from the previously generated fragment so that it will not be considered as a replay.

I have my name Luke


I am a person after 2 neurosurgical surgeries during which I was excised with a cancer that has grown on the central artery. For this reason I had another treatment. Unfortunately, the tumor cannot be removed in its entirety. After the first surgery I found myself in oncology where I was exposed - unfortunately, but I belong to 95% of people in whom exposure to this type of tumor does not give any effect.
After the operation I have many illnesses left. Among other things, the weaker right side of the body, the hand and leg, facial deformation, incomprehensible speaking and what hurts me the most is the loss of one eye, which unfortunately had to be damaged in order to cut out the tumor - otherwise the tumor could not be reached, unfortunately, because it was located in the very center of the skull.
In addition, during the procedure as a result of constant stress and malaise I developed celiac disease, which is a small intestine disorder and does not allow me to eat anything that contains flour, including bread rolls and various other types of products. For this reason I am forced to buy special food products - they cost me PLN 2300 per month with maintenance. The money I earn is not enough for my diet, and I would like to undergo additional rehabilitation. Throughout the year I will take 4-5 days of sickness to visit only the most needed clinics.
I didn't even start my studies, just because of brain cancer I wasn't able to pass the exams.
Currently I have big problems with remembering and acute headaches. The doctor informed me that unfortunately, but after the removal of a tumor the size of a complex tennis ball will be the same. He gets specialist prescription painkillers, but after taking them I feel a little "distant from reality".