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ISystemInformation Interface
Provides a mechanism for retrieving system information.

Namespace:  Babel.Licensing
Assemblies:   Babel.Licensing (in Babel.Licensing.dll) Version:
  Babel.Licensing (in Babel.Licensing.dll) Version:
public interface ISystemInformation

The ISystemInformation type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBiosSerialNumber
Gets the BIOS serial number.
Public propertyCurrentMemoryUsage
Gets the current memory usage.
Public propertyDiskSerialNumbers
Gets the disk serial numbers.
Public propertyDisplayProperties
Gets the display properties.
Public propertyEthernetCards
Gets the ethernet cards.
Public propertyLogicalProcessorCount
Gets the number of logical processors.
Public propertyMotherboardSerialNumber
Gets the motherboard serial number.
Public propertyOperatingSystem
Gets the operating system name.
Public propertyProcessorArchitecture
Gets the CPU architecture.
Public propertyProcessorCount
Gets the number of physical processors.
Public propertyProcessorFeatures
Gets the available CPU features.
Public propertyProcessorId
Gets the CPU identifier.
Public propertyProcessorName
Gets the CPU name.
Public propertyProcessorType
Gets the CPU type.
Public propertySystemManufacturer
Gets the system manufacturer.
Public propertySystemName
Gets the name of the system.
Public propertySystemProductName
Gets the system product name.
Public propertyTotalPhysicalMemory
Gets the total physical memory.
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