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IdFormat Enumeration
Values that represent various ID formats.

Namespace:  Babel.Licensing
Assemblies:   Babel.Licensing (in Babel.Licensing.dll) Version:
  Babel.Licensing (in Babel.Licensing.dll) Version:
public enum IdFormat
  Member nameValueDescription
Hex0 Hexadecimal string format.
Decimal1 Decimal string format.
Base322 Base 32 string format.
IdGenerator builder = new IdGenerator();

// id5D9E86
builder.Format = IdFormat.Hex;
string idHex = builder.CreateId();

// id153045
builder.Format = IdFormat.Decimal;
string idDec = builder.CreateId();

// id2XJC2L
builder.Format = IdFormat.Base32;
string idB32 = builder.CreateId();
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