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ILicenseBuilder Interface
Interface for license builder.

Namespace:  Babel.Licensing
Assemblies:   Babel.Licensing (in Babel.Licensing.dll) Version:
  Babel.Licensing (in Babel.Licensing.dll) Version:
public interface ILicenseBuilder

The ILicenseBuilder type exposes the following members.

Public propertySignatureProvider
Gets or sets the signature provider.
Public methodAddOrUpdate
Adds a ILicense with a given key Id to the builder if the license does not already exists, or updates the ILicense if the key already exists.
Public methodLoad
Loads the license from the specified file.
Public methodRemove
Removes a ILicense with a given key Id from the builder.
Public methodSave
Saves a copy of the license into the specified file.
Public methodSign
Add a signature to the license object.
Public methodToLicenses
Converts the current builder state to a collection of ILicense objects.
Public methodValidate
Validates the license signature.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodLoad
An extension method that loads the license from a given file.
(Defined by Licenseable.)
Public Extension MethodSignWith
An extension method used to sign the current license state with a given signature provider.
(Defined by Licenseable.)
Public Extension MethodSignWithKeys
An extension method used to sign the current license state with a given key pair.
(Defined by Licenseable.)
Public Extension MethodToReadableString
An ILicenseBuilder extension method that converts the current license to a readable string.
(Defined by Licenseable.)
Public Extension MethodValidateSignature
An extension method that validates the current license signature.
(Defined by Licenseable.)
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