Feature Matrix

Standard Professional Enterprise Company
.NET Framework Support        
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 to 4.7.x, .NET Core 2.x, .NET Standard 2.x, Windows Runtime, Silverlight 3.0 to 5.0, Silverlight for Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8.1, Compact Framework, .NET nanoFramework, .NET Micro Framework, XBOX 360 XNA Framework, Xamarin, Unity 3D, Mono
64 Bit Support
Silverlight XAP Package
Mixed Mode C++/CLI Assemlies
Custom Plugins
Build On .NET Core 2.1 (Linux, Mac OSX)
Symbol Renaming
Generic Types and Methods
XML Rule Files
Unicode Normalization
Overloaded Renaming
Custom Obfuscation Character Set
Public Symbol Obfuscation    
XAML and BAML Obfuscation    
Code Protection 1        
Control Flow Obfuscation
Invalid Op-Codes
Prevent ILDasm
String Encryption
Inline Values and Arrays Encryption
Protection Against Reflection  
Dynamic Proxy Calls (Internal/External Methods)  
Resource Encryption    
Code Encryption and Virtualization    
Tampering Detection    
Code Instrumentation and Optimization        
Dead Code Removal
Automatic Class Sealing and Attributes Cleanup
System.Enum Types Removal    
Code Instrumentation    
Disgregate Removal    
Inline Expansion    
Deployment 1        
Strong Name Signature with SNK
XML Map Files Generation
Supports PDB Debug Symbol Files
Supports Resign with PFX Files
Assembly Embedding
Satellite Assemblies    
Assembly Merging    
Digitally Signed XML License Files and Encoded String License      
Feature Based Licenses      
Trial Licenses and Custom License Restrictions      
Hardware Locked Licenses      
License Fields, Watermarks      
Tools Integration        
Command Line Interface (also available for MAC)
Visual Studio Post Build Events
MSBuild and NAnt Support
Babel.Obfuscator NuGet package tools      
DevOps Build Integration (Installed as NuGet Package)      
Product Maintenance        
One Year of Product Upgrades
Email Priority Support      
Product License        
License Type Single User Single User Single User Multi User
  1. Refer to User's Guide to read more about .NET Framework compatibility