Obfuscation and Licensing
for .NET Framework

Code Obfuscation and Licensing for .NET Framework and .NET 8.0Supports all major build platforms included MSBuild and DevOps and AppCenter build server.

Code Obfuscation

Protect your software against reverse engineering to safeguard the intellectual property of your code

Babel Obfuscator


Babel Obfuscator provides code obfuscation for any .NET technology. Runs on any platform that supports .NET Framework, NET 6.0 included DevOps build servers.

Babel Licensing


Babel Licensing is a fully managed licensing solution for any .NET applications or software components. This includes a licensing database and advanced reporting features.

Dedicated Support

Have a technical question about our products? We are here to help. Please send your support requests to support@babelfor.net or use our contact page.

Build Server

Integrates With Every Build Environment

DevOps and AppVeyor

Babel Obfuscator can be deployed on any build environment through a dedicated NuGet package that will make easy the integration with DevOps, AppCenter, and AppVeyor.

dotnet Global Tools

Since it was build on top of .NET Core, Babel Obfuscator runs as dotnet global tool on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Command Line Tool

Babel Obfuscator can be started directly from the command line, making it suitable for the usage in compilation scripts.

Our Customers

Check out some of our customers who rely on our obfuscation and licensing tools to protect their business

Licensing Database

The Complete Management for Software Licenses

Have a database of your applications and assign software licenses to your customers. Monitor sales through advanced and customizable reporting.

Archive your Software Licenses

Supports SQL Server and SQLite

Manage Customers and Sales

Advanced Custom Reporting

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