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Babel Obfuscator

The Enterprise edition of Babel Obfuscator is a single-user license that offers a comprehensive set of obfuscation features. It is designed for individual developers or small teams who want to secure their applications.

For larger teams or organizations, the Ultimate edition of Babel Obfuscator is available as a site license. This edition includes all the features of the Enterprise edition, along with additional benefits. It provides the Babel Obfuscator NuGet package, allowing for easy integration into your build process on build servers. With the Ultimate edition, you can streamline the obfuscation process and ensure consistent protection across your projects.

Whether you choose the Enterprise or Ultimate edition, Babel Obfuscator empowers you to safeguard your code and protect your software assets from unauthorized access and piracy.

Babel Licensing

Babel Licensing is a comprehensive licensing solution designed to protect and manage your software applications. With its flexible licensing models, including Floating, Activation, and File-based licenses, Babel Licensing allows you to control how your software is distributed and accessed. It offers robust features such as license key generation, activation, validation, and expiration, ensuring that only authorized users can utilize your applications. Babel Licensing integrates seamlessly with your .NET projects and provides a user-friendly API for easy implementation. Whether you need to protect commercial software or control access to internal applications, Babel Licensing offers a reliable and scalable solution to meet your licensing needs.


Plugins will allow you to add new functionalities to Babel Obfuscator or replace existing obfuscation algorithms. All the plugins below are included with Babel Obfuscator Universal, Server and Data Center licenses and as a separate purchase to Enterprise license owners.

  • Double encryption algorithm XOR HASH
  • Can iterate through the assembly strings several times to provide multiple level of encryption
  • Defeat most of common deobfuscators
  • Supports all version of .NET Framework from 2.0 and .NET Core
  • Source code available
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Product Maintenance

Product maintenance ensures you always have the most current release during the term of your subscription. This guarantees that you’ll receive new features and bug fixes when they’re released. This is reserved only for users who already own a license for at least one year and who wish to continue to receive product updates.

Product Upgrade

Introducing Babel Obfuscator Standard and Professional, our previous-generation obfuscation solutions that have now reached their end of life. While these editions are no longer available for new purchases, we continue to support our valued customers who are using these licenses. Until the maintenance expiration date, customers can upgrade their licenses to the powerful Babel Obfuscator Enterprise edition, unlocking advanced features.

All Babel Obfuscator Company licenses are automatically upgraded to the Babel Licensing Server Edition at no additional cost. This means that existing customers can enjoy the enhanced features and capabilities of the Babel Licensing Server without any extra expenses.

What you get

There are no restrictions or royalty fees for applications obfuscated with Babel.  Each license comes with one year of product maintenance that includes free product updates (major and minor release updates).

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Awesome. I almost spent $1800 for a similar utility but this is a better fit for me any way. I find it to be one of the bests out there.

Sergey S.

Web Developer

Babel provides better obfuscation without any additional parameters, in other words it is really great to have a tool that works out of the box.

Evgeny Z.

Software Engineer

I will suggest to use Babel. It’s a really great tool. Especially the license features to protect our software are amazing.

Björn G.

Product Manager

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