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Babel Obfuscator Questions

I have obfuscated my application but I still see type names in .NET Reflector. What I miss?

Typically the types that are not renamed are public types. Public types are potentially accessible from any external assembly. Renaming those types could break your application.  You can review the code to declare the types not meant to be accessible from an external assembly internal instead of public, thus increasing the overall obfuscation.

How can I hide the code inside methods?

Babel Obfuscator can hide the code completely inside the methods with code encryption. To enable code encryption, turn on MSIL Encryption in the Obfuscation setting and make an Obfuscation rule to target all the methods that should have code encrypted.

What are the best obfuscation settings?

You can enable all renaming options, use hash string encryption and set control flow obfuscation goto, switch, case, if, and call. You can also encrypt the methods to hide the code. Some enhanced optimizations can help to increase the overall obfuscation, like removing enum types and const fields. Please take a look at our obfuscation tips to know more. 

Does Babel support cross assembly symbol renaming?

Yes. Babel can rename public symbols defined in referenced assemblies and use generated XML mapping files to fix symbol names. Please have a look at the Babel Obfuscator user’s guide to know all the details.

Licensing Questions

Is your license on a per-developer basis?

Yes, for the Enterprise license. Each developer must obtain a license. With this license, the developer can install it on a primary machine and a portable/laptop. With an Ultimate, Server or Data Center license, there is no limit to the number of developers/machines within a corporate site where the product can be deployed. If you need a worldwide license covering multiple company sites, please ask for a quote from

Do I have to pay you royalties?

No. babelfor.NET does not charge any royalties for redistribution of components obfuscated with Babel Obfuscator.

Can I install the product on the build server?

Yes. You can install the product in your local build server and use your license. Build servers hosted on the cloud-like, DevOps and AppVeyor require the purchase of a Multi-User site license. If your build server is shared between multiple sites, you need a worldwide license.

Can I install the product on 2 machines (I'm running a desktop in the office, have a laptop at home)?

Yes, no problem. you can install your Single-User license on your desktop PC and laptop.

Is the license useable offline?

Yes. The license file you received can be used without having a connection to the Internet.

Can I continue to use Babel Obfuscator if the subscription expires and I choose not to renew?

Yes. You can continue to use Babel Obfuscator, which you have licensed and paid for as long as you require. When a subscription expires, it simply means that you will no longer be issued any product updates or new product releases.
An expired subscription can be renewed at any time. You can contact our client services for more information on renewals and product costs once your subscription expires.

I have purchased the Enterprise license. Can I upgrade to Universal or Server edition?

Yes. You can upgrade your existing license to any higher edition. Please reach out to our sales team for a personalized quote.

Do you offer discounts on any of your licenses?

Yes. Discounts are available when purchasing multiple single-user licenses. Please write to sales to ask for favourable terms in case of multiple license purchases.

How Do I Get Started?

You can take a look at our discussion group for more help resources from our community.

Download Our Demo

Download the demo setup to test what  Babel Obfuscator and Licensing can do


Check out the Babel Obfuscator user’s guide to know more about Babel and all the trick to better protect your application

Knowledge Base

You can find more sample projects and use cases in our Knowledge Base

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