Babel Encrypt Plugin

The Babel Encrypt Plugin enhances Babel Obfuscator by introducing advanced string encryption features, ensuring an added layer of protection for your .NET code.


This plugin is a sophisticated tool designed to fortify your .NET code with advanced string encryption techniques.

- Adaptive Encryption:  The plugin chooses either the XOR or the HASH algorithm based on the efficiency required for the string to be encrypted.

- Efficient Execution: XOR inlines encrypted strings for immediate use, while HASH decrypts stored strings at application start, ensuring top-tier security at the cost of a slight startup delay.

- Enhanced Security: The plugin's dual encryption method complicates bypass attempts by deobfuscators, especially those using reflection to directly call decryption methods.

- Double Pass Encryption: Strings undergo two encryption phases: an initial HASH followed by XOR, making decryption tracing by deobfuscators highly intricate.

Protect your code with the Babel Obfuscator Encrypt Plugin, where advanced encryption meets unparalleled security.

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