Babel Licensing

Licensing system for .NET Framework applications and components

Licensing for .NET Application and Components

Babel Licensing is licensing system that allows to license .NET Framework applications and components. It uses asymmetric cryptographic algorithms which means that is not possible to reverse engineer license keys to make a key generator. Furthermore, it integrates with Babel Obfuscator to provide top obfuscation and protection features.

General Features

Completely managed solution to build licenses for .NET applications and components

Works with any .NET technology from .NET Framework to latest .NET 5.0 and .NET Core releases

It integrates seamslessy with MSbuild and includes command line tools to support any build environment

Can run on Windows, Linux and OSX through the NuGet package tool

It perfectly matches with Babel Obfuscator to provide best in class security for any application running on .NET

Licensing Database

Babel Licensing includes a database realized to handle software licenses. This will allow you to store your license keys and make beautiful reports to monitor the performance of your sales. You can also access the database through an Entity Framework component, to realise custom solutions suited to the most varied needs.

Babel Licensing

Manage Software Licenses

Just few clicks to generate and store a license key in your local or cloud based database.

Licensing Database

Tracking Customers And Orders

A complete archive for customers, orders and licenses to query and visualize data in beautiful reports.

Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting

The license database includes numerous reports to display sales, orders and license usage. Custom reports can be added to display data in different types of charts, pivot grids and map controls. 

Entity Framework .NET Core

Based On Entity Framework

The Babel Licensing database is based on latest Entity Framework technology and includes a .NET component that can be used by external applications to create customized solutions.

How It Works

Babel Licensing can be easily integrated into your application with few lines of code. Just reference the Babel.Licensing package in your application and see how it easy to create and validate a license.

Install-Package Babel.Licensing -Version 2.8.8

dotnet add package Babel.Licensing –version 2.8.8

<PackageReference Include=”Babel.Licensing” Version=”2.8.8″ />

Our licensing library will take care to find the license, verify that the license has not been tampered with and that all the usage restrictions are met.

Create License

RSASignature rsa = new RSASignature();

string license = new XmlLicense()
              .LicensedTo("ACME", "")

Validate License

    XmlLicenseManager manager = new XmlLicenseManager();
    var lic = manager.Validate(license, typeof(Program));

    if (lic.IsTrial)
        var trial = lic.Restrictions.OfType().First();
        Console.WriteLine("Trial time left: {0}", trial.TimeLeft);
catch (Exception ex)
    Console.WriteLine("License not valid: {0}", ex.Message);

If you want to get more licensing sample projects, please install the Babel Obfuscator Demo setup.

License Restrictions

With Babel Licensing you can create different license usage restrictions. This allow you to create trial licenses or hardware locked licenses, choosing from many options. Please take a look at all the licensing restrictions available.

Trial Restrictions

Expire Date

Restrict use of the application to a defined date

Trial Days

Set the number of trial days for an application

Run Instances

Limit the number of instances that can run simultaneously

Usage Time

Allows the application to run for a defined period of time

Hardware Restrictions

Computer Name

Binds the application to a specific computer name


Allows use only on CPU with the specified ID

Ethernet Card

Check if the Ethernet card MAC address has changed

Hard Disk

Ties the application to the hard disk serial number


Restricts the usage to a specific BIOS


Ties the application to the current machine motherboard

Usage Restrictions

Virtual Machine

Whether to prevent the execution on a virtual machine

Design Time

Permits the usage only inside the Visual Studio designer

Process Name

Bind the license to the running process name



Restricts the license to a specific set of types or namespaces


Set a time limit for the beta period


Restricts the usage to a specific version or a version range


Customize your license restriction logic

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