Babel 10.7.0 Release Notes

May 19, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of Babel Obfuscator and Licensing 10.7.0, packed with critical updates, enhancements, and bug fixes to improve the security, stability, and functionality of our tools. This release reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch software protection and licensing solutions that meet the evolving needs of our users.

Babel Obfuscator

We are pleased to announce the release of Babel Obfuscator 10.7.0. This update focuses on resolving critical issues and enhancing the stability of our obfuscation tool. Babel Obfuscator continues to provide advanced protection for your software applications, ensuring your code remains secure and obfuscated against reverse engineering and tampering.

Bug Fixes

  • Obfuscation of XAML Resource Keys: Resolved issues related to obfuscating XAML resource keys in WPF and MAUI applications.
  • Generated PDB Information: Fixed issues with PDB information for code-encrypted methods.
  • CLI Tool Stability: Addressed a rare stack overflow exception occurring in the Babel CLI tool when obfuscating MAUI applications.

Babel Licensing

We are excited to introduce Babel Licensing 10.7.0, featuring significant enhancements and essential bug fixes designed to improve your licensing experience. This release includes a new WordPress plugin to streamline the integration process and support for advanced geo-location services, providing more robust and secure licensing management. Our commitment to addressing user feedback ensures that Babel Licensing remains a reliable and efficient solution for your software licensing needs.


  • New WordPress Plugin: We have introduced the Babel Licensing WordPress Plugin to facilitate seamless integration with WordPress websites. This plugin allows you to easily manage your licenses directly from your WordPress admin panel, simplifying the licensing process for your software products.
  • Support for Geo-Location Services: Added support for MaxMind and IpApiIs geo-location services within the Babel Licensing Service. This enhancement provides more accurate and reliable location data, improving the functionality and security of your licensing system.

Bug Fixes

  • Floating License Requests: Fixed an issue where floating license requests did not release tokens in case of failure, ensuring better resource management and stability.
  • License Template Creation: Corrected an issue where request template properties were not stored in the database, enhancing the reliability of the license creation process.
  • License Creation with Zero Allowed Sites: Fixed issues that occurred when the maximum allowed sites were set to 0, ensuring that licenses are created correctly even with this configuration.
  • License Usage Tokens Statistics: Resolved problems related to the statistics of license usage tokens, providing more accurate tracking and reporting.
  • Node Locked Licenses Token Deletion: Fixed the deletion process of license tokens for node-locked licenses, ensuring proper cleanup and management of licensing tokens.

We are excited to bring these updates to you and are committed to continuously improving our products based on your feedback. Thank you for your support.

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