Babel Obfuscator Release Notes

Oct 11, 2020

Babel Obfuscator


  • New: MSIL encryption now supports the password to protect encrypted methods.
  • New: It is now possible to specify the encryption algorithm (–use encryptio=<algorithm>).
  • The addreference option can now accept fully qualified assembly names.
  • MSIL encryption supports generic types and methods with ref and out parameters.

Bug Fixes

  • Unicode character names customization could lead to a crash of the obfuscated application
    with error: Duplicate type with name ‘xy’ in assembly …
  • Babel could stop with error: An error occurred during phase ‘Generate Xml Map’: This is an unclosed string.
  • MSIL encrypted methods can give peverify IL error: Stack underflow.
  • Merge of custom attribute when enum types are passed to attribute constructor.
  • PDB line numbers on decoded stack trace are not available for methods obfuscated by string encryption and value encryption.
  • Array encryption could crash obfuscated assembly with error: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Signature has bad token.
  • ObfuscationAttribute should not be applied to method return values
  • Fixed symbols statistics show wrong values.
  • UI: WarningAsErrors is lost on project reload

Babel Licensing


  • Added –publickey option to lic.exe command to export the public key

Bug Fixes

  • Trial licenses, TimeLeft is not set after call to Validate

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