Babel Obfuscator Release Notes

Dec 7, 2020

Babel Obfuscator


  • New: Added support for .NET 5.0 assemblies.
  • New: NuGet package tools can now run on .NET 5.0 SDK.
  • New: More UI theme customizations.
  • The Obfuscation attribute now supports ‘include methods’ and ‘exclude methods’ selectors and case insensitive name properties
  • Space flattening functionality can now be applied to a defined set of namespaces.
  • More control over renaming parameters using XML obfuscation rules


  • The Babel.Build.xsd definition has been updated to describe Babel MSBuild properties.
  • The XAML Symbols agent task has been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: When control flow obfuscation is enabled, the method debug information in the PDB file is stripped.
  • Fix: Code encryption and string encryption could crash .NET Core obfuscated application with the error object reference not set.
  • Fix: Compatibility issue for obfuscated .NET 2,0 assemblies
  • Fix: XML Rules HasBase does not work for generic types.
  • Fix: Reference libraries are not correctly updated when on JSON dependency files when merging assemblies.
  • Fix: XAML obfuscation issue with the binding of enumerator fields.
  • Fix Command-line names resolution of options containing the hyphen character.
  • Fix UI: OutputFile should not propagate changes to other projects.
  • Fix UI: Propagate changes for virtual obfuscation externals.
  • Fix UI: If the option propagates changes is enabled, Optimizations Attributes and Entry Points lists are not updated.
  • Fix UI: Fixed various message typos.

Babel Licensing


  • New: Added support for .NET 5.0.

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