Babel Obfuscator Release Notes

Jun 7, 2021

Babel Obfuscator


  • Added support for .NET 6 (preview).
  • The ObfuscationAttribute can now catch compiler-generated types (please refer to the user’s guide).
  • Improved XAML obfuscation.
  • Improved anti-debugging feature.


  • Fix: Cross assembly obfuscation of generic parameters.
  • Fix: Renaming of WCF data operation parameters.
  • Fix: Rules with targetAssembly specified could be applied to members of other assemblies.
  • Fix: Dead code removal could crash when applied on already obfuscated assemblies.
  • Fix: Warning OB0004 should be raised only when XAML renaming is enabled.

Babel Licensing


  • Fix: The trial time is not reset when license id is changed.

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