Babel Obfuscator 9.8.0 Release Notes

Dec 7, 2021

Babel Obfuscator


  • New: Added babel obfuscator tools for .NET 6.0
  • New: Added obfuscation support for Razor and Blazor Web applications
  • Enh: Improved XML rules with new locked attribute and Namespace element.
  • Enh: Added new command-line option –assembly-name
  • Enh: Improved merge and obfuscation of WPF applications
  • Enh: Various performance improvements
  • Enh: Merge RetargetTo supports regular expression to retarget multiple types based on search-replace expressions


  • Fix: If string encryption is enabled on Xamarin iOS assemblies Visual Studio raise the error:
    MT2101: Can’t resolve the reference System.IO.BinaryReader.
  • Fix: Custom attributes with properties referencing external types are not renamed in public obfuscation.
  • Fix: Dynamic proxy protection for multi-dimensional arrays.
  • Fix: If XAML renaming is disabled resource keys are obfuscated.
  • Fix: Obfuscated .NET Core application can raise System.BadImageFormatException when string encryption is enabled.
  • Fix: Fixed MissingMethodException for public obfuscation of extension methods with generic parameters.
  • Fix: Babel could crash with null reference exception when embedding assemblies if an XML rule file is defined.
  • Fix: NET Core applications obfuscated with array value encryption could crash with InvalidOperationException.
  • Fix: XML rules, the Implements filter does not scan base types.

Babel Licensing


  • New: Added babel licensing tools for .NET 6.0
  • Enh: The lic.exe application can now load external assemblies to register new restrictions and signature providers
  • Enh: Added hardware restrictions for .NET 6.0 on Linux and macOS 

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