What you get

There are no restrictions or royalty fees for applications obfuscated with Babel.  Each license comes with one year of product maintenance that includes free product updates (major and minor release updates).

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Single User License Pricing

This grants you one individual non-transferable license to install on your machine(s) for your single internal use.

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Price: EUR €115.0

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Price: EUR €245.0

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Volume license discounts are available. Please contact sales@babelfor.net to request a quote.

Multi User License Pricing

You can install Babel Obfuscator on an unlimited number of machines within your company included build servers. This license includes one year of free product upgrades and email priority support.

Company License

  • Supports Azure DevOps Continue Integration Build
  • Fully Featured Code Obfuscation and Licensing
  • Create Trial and Hardware Locked Licenses
  • XML Feature Based Licenses and License Watermarks
  • Install on an Unlimited Number of Machines Included Build Servers
  • NuGet packege for Babel Obfuscator and Licensing tools
  • Includes Babel Encrypt Plugin
  • Email Priority Support

Price: EUR €1250.0

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Babel Obfuscator Plugins

With plugins you will be able to add new functionalities to Babel Obfuscator or replace existing obfuscation algorithms. Plugins are available to Babel Obfuscator Company license subscribers and as a separate purchase to Enterprise license owners.

Babel Encrypt Plugin

  • Double encryption algorithm XOR HASH.
  • Can iterate through the assembly strings several times to provide multiple level of encryption.
  • Defeat most of common deobfuscators.
  • Supports all version of .NET Framework from 2.0 and .NET Core 2.1.
  • Plugin source code available.
  •

Price: EUR €50.0

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Product Maintenance

Product maintenance renewal ensures you always have the most current release during the term of your subscription. This guarantees that you'll receive new features and bug fixes when they're released. This is reserved only for users who already own a license for at least one year and who wish to continue to receive product updates.

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Payment Options

By pressing one of the Buy Now button, you will be redirected to PayPal website to complete your purchase. We also accept payment through bank transfer, please contact sales@babelfor.net to request more payment options.

Payments by PayPal

Prices do not include VAT taxes. After purchase you will be contacted by our representative. The license information will be sent by email within 12 hours of purchase. We recommend to provide full contact details when purchasing, including VAT code whenever applicable and a valid email address where to send your license file.